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Status Update - October, 2019 Edition

Posted on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 4:06am by blank The Evil GM

General News - Status Update - October, 2019 Edition

The following is a news item from the Evil GM.

Normally, I send these out on the first of the month (give or take a few days) to give an overview of everything that happened in the month before and of what our goals are for the upcoming month. Yet, for some reason I have never done that for this sim. That will change, beginning this month. I will address some of that further down.


This month we lost and gained one player:

We lost:

Shalendra Sarynore, Druid

We gained:

Rocyra, Ranger


We're going to continue improving upon the site to make it attractive and informative for all. I will be having Rachael or Kris or someone create a Wiki for us while I just try to become competent at Nova (Yeah, right!). If you have any thoughts or want to assist, let us know!


We only had no posts this month! We need to get better. However, we do seem to be more active, despite the post number. If anyone has ideas, please let me know.

Mission Recap

Our heroes have recently met inside the Charming Dryad and are catching dinner before learning of their mission, should they choose to accept it.


Obtain a quest. Form an adventuring group.

Player of the Month

With no posts this month, I cannot in good conscience nominate a player of the month this month.


If anyone has any ideas for character development or even some subplots, share them with us. I know that my door is always open. Any questions, comments, or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

That’s it for this month’s Status Update!


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