Following a Patron's Desire

Posted on Sat Jul 13th, 2019 @ 3:44am by blank The Evil GM & Level 1 Taral

Mission: Forming a Party
Location: On the Road to Dryad Wood
Timeline: 05.05.2229 0900

Taral spent the past six months in the city of Silkenheim, where Queen Zilyana holds court. It had been a grand time there but something kept urging her to go. Something pushed for her to leave even though comfort and riches were readily available here. However, Titania seemed to be pushing Taral in a direction and it was to the Southeast. What was there, she could not be sure. And so it came to pass that Taral announced her time to depart.

Before leaving, she was approached by Countess Alenia Kelphine. "Must you go? It has been such a grand time and I did have hopes of making a proper introduction for you."

“I’m afraid I must,” Taral answered, a sadness in her eyes. “And you know why I must.” She took her friend’s hands in hers. “But I’ll be back. My Queen will surely need me back in Silkenheim before too long.”

"Tell me truly, how can you be certain that you are not misinterpreting matters?" the Countess asked. "The fey exist, of this there can be no doubt but their realm is not of this world. Why should you service one that does not actually appear here. Corellon would have you."

“Corellon would have me,” Taral agreed, “but not even he can offer what I want from this life. Alenia, you can’t know what it’s like to lose everything as I have. My Queen offers more than Corellon would, maybe even more than he could, and I will have it all.” She gave her friend a wide smile. “Perhaps next time you see me, it will be as Baroness Taral, Viscountess Taral, or even your equal.”

"And perhaps you will return a beggar. Your Queen tempts you but...." The Countess allowed the argument to fade away before hugging Taral. "I do wish you would stay."

Taral hugged her friend close. “Me, too. Be well, Countess Alenia Kelphine. You’ve been the best friend I could ask for these past six months. You will see me again, I promise.”

"How are you going to keep that promise, Taral?" the Countess whispered. "So much is out there. It is much safer here."

"Safer, yes," Taral agreed, "but I can't get what I want by being safe." She gave her friend the Countess a kiss on the cheek. "Please don't make this harder than it needs to be, Alenia. I'll be back. And I promise I'll write."

Reluctantly, the Countess let go. "I will hold you to that, you know."

Taral smiled, stepped back, and gave a dramatic bow. "When my Countess makes requests that do not directly contravene the desires of my Queen, I am bound to obey. Fare thee well."