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Mingling with the Druids

Posted on Thu Jul 25th, 2019 @ 11:44pm by Level 1 Yurtidie Spunkbottom & blank The Evil GM

Mission: Forming a Party
Location: Druidic Circle Near Dryad Tree
Timeline: 05.15.2229 0900

The elven druids were always so kind. They always seemed to be so patient for all the questions that Yurtidie had for them. Once Spring had come, the druids had a wonderful ceremony. Much of it had involved drinking a great deal of wine and praising the dryad and her tree. Blossoms from the dryad tree, a pedunculate oak, had flowered and given way to leaves. The oak tree had a 30 foot circumference trunk and rose to what seemed an immeasurable height to the gnome. However, after a few weeks, despite all of the rains and watering, the leaves seemed to be dry. Trees surrounding it seemed similarly inflicted, but the leaves were turning yellow and falling to the ground, as if autumn were already upon Dryad Wood.

Yurtidie's mentor, Yalathanil Inatumal, an elf that brought her to Dryad Wood looked up at the Dryad's tree and shook his head confused. "I do not know why this is so, Yurtidie. You should be seeing something magnificent and instead, there is this." He gestured at the Dryad's tree.

Frowning, Yurtidie looked up at Yalathanil and nodded. "The tree is still magnificent, but I understand what you mean. I wonder what is causing this? The spring has been near perfect and the tree well taken care of, but these trees act as though they are in a different time to the rest of us!"

"It is a mystery, Yurtidie." He shook his head again. "Perhaps more prayer and life giving forces are required. Perhaps the trees are confused. I do not have the answer." Pausing for a great deal of time longer, he told Yurtidie, "Perhaps it is nothing. An off season."

Bouncing slightly as Yalathanil spoke, and thought, Yurtidie listened and watched. "It doesn't feel like an off season. It feels like something is wrong. We should be seeking answers," she said cutting off her spoken thoughts as she looked up to the kindly face of her mentor, who was giving her that look again. The one that said she was talking too quickly again.

"We shall pray on it. Or, perhaps the Lady of the Tree will grace us with her answers," he said in a dreamy voice.

"Answers are good," Yurtidie nodded, then stepped forward to the foot of the dryad tree. She knelt among its roots and placed her hands upon one that was thicker than her own head. Bowing her head down, she concentrated on slowing her thoughts down to pray for the tree and for answers to what was afflicting it.

No answers came to Yurtidie, wish though she might. Yalathanil told Yurtidie, "It is good that you try to pray and help the tree. However, we, ourselves have had no answers." He sighed. "Keep your ears open. You may never know what you will learn."

Humming slightly, though feeling as though she'd done it wrong, Yurtidie stood and brushed the dirt and leaves from her knees. "My ears are always open, as are my eyes. I am eager to learn and I wish I could learn even more, but nothing has come to me in a very long time," she pouted slightly, but then brightened. "I shall do some reading! Maybe I can find something that will help the tree! It may be too sick to give answers!"

"I wish you luck in your endeavors. I fear that we shall need some outside assistance if things do not get better soon."

Yurtidie nodded and scurried off, Acorn coming out of the normal looking woodlands and hopped up onto her shoulder. She chittered away with him as she made her way toward the grand library.


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