Council Meeting

Posted on Tue Nov 12th, 2019 @ 4:13am by blank The Evil GM & Level 1 Taral & Level 1 Branmar Ironfist & Level 1 Lia Naïlo & Level 1 Yurtidie Spunkbottom

Mission: Forming a Party
Location: The Charming Dryad
Timeline: 06.16.2229 0930

The Charming Dryad was abuzz. The tables had been rearranged. At the front was a long table. Behind it sat an elf, a half-elf, and a human, presumably Dryad Wood's council. Breakfast was still being served but it was being done at a wide berth from the council table. However, said table was seated closest to the bar counter, making sure that everyone had ample use of the tables towards the far side of the room.

"This meeting will be called to order," the half-elf called out. The room came to a dull hush. "It is our understanding that representatives from Melford have come seeking our assistance. It is also our understanding that some have volunteered to help. Who speaks for Melford and who wishes to go?"

A considerably healthier looking Eran Sen stood up and approached the Council, though his hand was bandaged from where Taral had stabbed it. "I speak for Melford. We have been under constant siege from evil creatures, never before seen. We call them shadow goblins. They attack only at night and have battered our perimeter. We fear that our city may fall. Travellers do not come our way much. Perhaps it is the rumors of all the matters abroad. And yes, there are a few who, perhaps drunkenly or bravely said they would assist. I do not know if they still wish to accompany us back now that the morn has come."

The half-elf called again, "Who wishes to go forth? Who volunteered aid?"

Lia had been listening and sipping a drink. It wasn't often that she saw the Council, though she'd lived here all her life. But when the question was asked, she looked around at everyone before answering, "I volunteered aid."

Branmar stood up and balanced himself against his shield, "I said that I would aide this man even if he did cause mischief," Branmar eyed Taral, "As did the elf... But, that's alright I will still provide aide."

Yurtidie had to stand on her chair to be seen over the crowd. She had chosen a seat next to Branmar and now placed a hand on his shoulder as she raised the other hand in the air and waved it. "Hihi! I offered aid to the rude man as well and I will still give aid to the people of Melford even though their representative is not a very nice man!"

“I volunteered aid yesterday, before being asked to leave this establishment,” Taral said, standing next to Lia. “Despite the rudeness of Mister Sen, I continue to offer my services and those of my patroness.”

"And you are?" the elf asked Taral.

"I am the Lady Taral, most loyal servant of Queen Titania," she answered proudly. "But more to the point, I'm the one who injured Mister Sen when he got handsy with the wait staff here. It is a crime to make unwanted sexual contact in this town, correct?"

The elf looked patiently at Lady Taral, "We have been made aware of both complaints. However, this is not the time to discuss them. More serious events are at hand. If what Melford is saying is true, we need to know if this could be a threat to Dryad Wood. If you wish to go with the other three, then we shall accept your service and you all shall be paid 5 gold apiece for the news."

Taral considered this offer. On the one hand, five gold would help her cause. On the other, she had meditated on this the previous night, and saw no evidence that her patroness wanted her to act to help this town. But she did get the sense that she was needed in the town's general direction. More would probably reveal itself. "I accept your offer, and will join the others."

"Five gold apiece? What if there is more than just news to be brought back?" Lia couldn't help but be curious.

Five gold was much more than Yurtidie had been paid for any one service she'd rendered, so she was quite happy with the sum. She and Acorn practically bounced as they waited for the moment to come that they could set off of their new adventure with their new friends!

Branmar was happy with the amount, "Very well," He responded then prepared himself for the journey with the others that had been included in the journey.

"Very well. We will expect your report as soon as possible. Travel well and be safe. We look forward to your reports. Now, you may depart. We have other business to attend."