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Dinner Time

Posted on Wed Oct 23rd, 2019 @ 2:09am by blank The Evil GM & Level 1 Magical Fairy & Level 1 Taral & Level 1 Branmar Ironfist & Level 1 Lia Naïlo & Level 1 Yurtidie Spunkbottom
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Mission: Forming a Party
Location: Charming Dryad
Timeline: 06.15.2229 1930

Mid-Spring in Dryad Wood was generally a busy time. There was farming to be done. Sheep to be sheared. Herds to be culled. Not much had changed in the last thousand years from the perspective of humans. Of course, the resident elves would say that a lot had changed in a very short period of time. Few remember that over the last two thousand years, this town did not exist. And, according to legend, it had expanded from a mere human and elf to now encompass a few hundred people.

Dryad Wood had two main roads. One roughly running North-South and the other roughly East-West. The roads were wide enough for two wagon carts to pass side by side comfortably. However, the roads narrowed to half that at the outskirts of town. Where the roads met was where the most important buildings were located: the Town Hall, a small temple to Corellon, and two inns/taverns, which were rarely full with travelers but often had locals sharing their daily burdens in the evening, thus keeping the inns in business. The Charming Dryad is one of the two taverns. Locals believe that the food and ale here is of a finer quality than the other inn, called the Thirsty Dragon, where travellers seem to frequent more.

This Spring had been subtly different than most years. Travellers came in more frequently and were less likely to leave. It was a trickle at first: people, refuges of sorts, coming from afar claiming their city or town had become overrun by foreign invaders that had appeared from nowhere, some of which looked like no other humans. The residents of Dryad Wood, at first, regarded many of these visitors as eccentric, odd, or insane but were more than happy to accept their coin. Yet, people started to come in from other directions and the stories were the same.

While the innkeepers have been relishing the coin, even they find themselves struggling to keep up with the needs of their new residents. They are thinking of expanding their inns or building new ones. However, privately, the innkeepers will mention to locals that they are concerned about having enough food and drink to satisfy the newcomers urges. There even has been discussion amongst some of the newcomers with coin about forming a home of ill repute for those who need "additional rest." Naturally, all of this being unusual in the sleepy town of Dryad Wood, the Council has been asked to get involved and a meeting has been set on the morrow at the Charming Dryad.

Lia had been hired by the Charming Dryad's elven owner, Siveril Ehrendil, to play for the dinner and after dinner hours. Half elves and humans make up the staff, some of the half-elves being Siveril's own children. His human wife, the cook, is named Nan.

It had been two weeks since the farmer had located Branmar's nearly broken body outside of the town. He had since been healed with only the name on his battleaxe that had been etched in by its maker. Branmar Ironfist now had a new purpose in life...

To figure out who he was, and who his family were. Besides his clan name and given name he knew nothing. His past life had clearly been one of the adventuring kind, but besides that..? Now clad in his usual attire and sporting a bandage around his stomach where he continued to heal, Branmar sat at a table in the Charming Dryad... Alone.

Lia was setting things up for the night. She glanced over and saw one person there besides the staff, though more were likely to filter in. She'd seen him before, but wasn't sure of his name. She kept to herself though, going over what her plans for tonight were in her head.

Yurtidie, with Acorn on her shoulder, practically leapt through the doors into the Charming Dryad. It had been a long and busy day for her and she was famished. Looking around, she noted several empty tables and an injured Dwarf sitting alone at a table.

She wandered over to Branmar's table and smiled. "Hi, you look lonely, can I sit with you? How'd you get that injury? Do you need mending? I can help if you'd like? I just learned how to cure wounds! I could help speed your healing along!" Acorn chittered along with the talkative Gnome, as though punctuating each sentence.

Branmar looked up at the strange Gnome who simply wouldn't stop talking. He nursed his ale between his fingertips and spun the glass slightly to form a liquid tornado before taking a drink from it.

"You may sit with me, however, I do not need mending thanks. The name is Branmar Ironfist too!" Branmar managed to state though it took some effort.

Nodding, Yurtidie hopped up onto a seat across the table. "I'm Yurtidie Nibblyduck Spunkbottom and this is my friend Acorn," she said bobbing her head and indicating the chittering squirrel. "Are you new here? You never did say how you got that injury. Are you sure you don't need mending? That looks painful. How long ago did you get the injury?"

"Honestly, I'm not really too entirely certain as to how I received the wounds," Branmar admitted with a slight shade of pink on his face from the embarrassment of his memory loss. "I was found by some of the townsfolk who brought me here and I have been on the mend ever since."

Frowning Yurtidie shook her head. "Well that isn't nice, I hope whoever did that to you gets what's coming to them. Have the healers said if you'll get your memory back? I hope you do! Then you can return home! Well, if you want to return that is. Do you like it here? Have you been able to see much of the town? It's a beautiful place!"

Branmar frowned and shook his head, "They have said that I quite possibly never recover my memory. But, I'm hoping," He said with a changed demeanor, "That they are incorrect."

In a dark corner of the Charming Dryad sat Taral of no title and no last name, though she knew both of those would be resolved soon. She had arrived in the town a few hours earlier, intent on meeting whomever was in charge of this quaint little crossroad, but none would sit with her, claiming too much work getting ready for the morrow’s town meeting. The nerve of them! She had been redirected to this inn, where she sat and observed the locals and travellers while sipping whatever swill these townfolk claimed was wine. A slight smile crossed her lips as she was entertained watching the Gnome and the Dwarf.

A willowy woman with long black hair and deep black eyes walked towards Taral. There was purpose in her walk. Her dress indicated that she was part of the wait staff. Her dress pushed up her bosom as she smiled sweetly at Taral and said, "Good day, kind sir. What could I be getting you today? Are you here for a meal or also a room?"

Taral, always polite to the help, gave the waitress a smile and looked her up and down. “The Lady would dine and may also need a room.” She knew her coin purse to be lighter than she’d prefer, but surely her patron wouldn’t want her to live in squalor or camp outside for no good reason. “What do you recommend for one such as I?”

"Rooms are difficult to come by. I will have to check if we have something available. We have had many coming seeking the same," the willowy woman replied. "As to food, the pheasant is quite nice. Our honey mead also is talked about from here to Beachbridge."

"Pheasant, honey mead, and the aforementioned room, then," Taral declared. "I'm here from Silkenheim, and if your mead is as good as you say I'll make sure it is spoken of there, too. Assuming you have that private room so I can sleep and privately write to them, of course."

"Silkenheim?" the woman replied gasping. "Surely there is no trouble there, is there?"

"Not to my knowledge," Taral replied with a frown. "Now go find me that food and room, dear."

Walking into the Charming Dryad, an Elf with some druid clothing that covered some moss and plants on it had a big smile on her face "Good day people of this establishment! I seek some beverage and I was pointed in this direction for such. Am I in the right location?" She puts her hands at her side seeing some folks looking a bit weird and stunned at her entree, well Shalendra was used to it.

The willowy woman looked at Shalendra and strode up to her. "Right location for food and beverage. What might I get you, my lady?"

Lia finished her work and lingered over to the bar. She was done setting up early, and figured she would get her meal in prior to entertaining people all evening. Not that she wanted to do that tonight. Her mind was far elsewhere. She had been half listening to those who had arrived, and was curious about the newcomers.

Looking at the woman as she blinks a few times as she placed her finger on her lip and thinks. She finally points at her "I would like to get some Roasted Chicken Salad, Fish Chowder and a beer on the tap" Shalendra smiled happy and looked around "Is there anywhere I can sit?"

Yurtidie appeared at Shalendra's side and grinned up at her. "You can sit with us. If you want company. I'm sitting with the Dwarf," she turned to the willowy waitress and smiled. "May I have a honey mead, roasted vegetables, and whatever meat is plentiful?" She then turned back to Shalendra. "Come, sit with us. He's injured and grumpy, but I think he will be good company. I'm Yurtidie Nibblyduck Spunkbottom, by the way! Oh! You're a druid too? Have I seen you around? I don't think I have? I'm terrible with names and faces..."

"Fish chowder?" the willowy woman asked Shalendra. "We are not a sea port. Pheasant or duck or chicken, we have a plenty." She looked down at the gnome and tried not to roll her eyes. "I will be able to do that for you if you have the coin."

Greatly amused by the sights before her, the Druid covered in moss, the dour Dwarf, and the spunky Gnome, Taral finally let out a laugh. “Bring them the food they’re asking for, dear. I’m sure someone will give you the silver necessary to cover it.” She winked at the waitress. This wasn’t charity, of course, but these people amused her, and might prove useful down the line.

Bit disappointed by the news that there was no fish and sighs Oh well give me the duck then" She looked at Yurtidie and smiled at the gnome as she pets her on the head. "You are funny," she said with a huge smile on her face as she looked at the other face and saw Taral sitting there "Well thank you for your kindness" She bows and walks to Taral table then sat down with a poef and looked at both of them "Name is Shalendra Sarynore, a pleasure to meet you both."

Lia smirked as she listened. It was nice to hear new people around. They might have been around other nights, but she normally did not finish setting up for the evening so early and had a chance to sit beforehand. She tucked her hair behind her ear and continued to listen.

Grumbling about the pat on the head, Yurtidie started to move back to the Dwarf's table. She stopped and turned toward the waitress and smiled. "Oh, of course I have the coin. Why would I come to a tavern and order food and drink if I didn't have the coin? That just seems silly and rude to do so! I would never be so rude or bold! I have coin enough for my dinner, and I shall pay you for it!"

Before the waitress could respond further, Yurtidie hustled back to the table and hopped up on the chair. Looking at Branmar she smiled. "Are you eating as well? I don't want to eat in front of you if you can't or aren't eating. I can move over with them if that would make you more comfortable? Or are you still in pain? I may have a potion that can help with the pain if you want it? No sense suffering for nothing!" She began rooting through her pack, looking for the mentioned potion.

Branmar had already been drinking a pint of ale after concluding his meal. "I have already eaten and I don't mind if you eat while sitting here," Branmar finally managed a smile for her before taking another long gulp of his ale.

"Great! I wouldn't want to be rude!" Yurtidie smiled broadly and nodded. "But you still haven't answered many of my questions, am I annoying you? Do you not want to talk about it? What would you like to talk about instead?"

"Sadly," Branmar began, "I don't really have the answers myself. I wish I did, but I don't even really know who I am other than the name that was etched into my gear. I hope to eventually leave this town and discover myself though," He remarked.

"As for my injuries," Branmar continued, "They are practically on the mend at this point. I probably could depart the town at any time, but honestly haven't had need to do so just yet. Other than... Rediscovery of course."

"That sounds like an adventure! It sure would be fun to go on an adventure!" Yurtidie bounced slightly in her seat.

"Oh it will be," Branmar responded while leaning back in his chair and taking a long drink from the mug of ale that was still before him. "And, I wouldn't mind having you along for the adventure if you wanted to go?"

"Oooh, if only I could! My mentor wants me to stay and help here," she said sadly. "But maybe I could convince them to let me go!"

"Probably best to listen to your mentor," Branmar remarked and drank another round of his ale before realizing that it was empty. Once he had the chance he would order another.

The waitress, having been chastened by the small gnome rushed off to fulfill the orders.

Finishing off her small dinner, Lia went and made sure that all of her things were all setup for her performance.

About a minute or two later, the waitress came back, she gave Shalendra her beer and then the gnome and Taral their honey mead. She stayed within close distance, seemingly disinterested in any of the conversation.

Yurtidie thanked the waitress and picked up the slightly-too-large-for-her mug of mead and took a sip. "Mmmm... always so refreshing!" She said as she carefully set the mug back down. She watched the bard move around, setting up for her performance and practically bounced in her seat. It had been a long time since she'd met new people. Acorn was chittering away happily next to her on the chair. This was shaping up to be a fine night. "You ok Mister Ironfist? Still sure you don't want some mending? I can mend you up!"

"I feel great actually," He said with a grin on his face. "How long have you been a healer, or mage?" He asked of her next.

"I'm a Druid! And a few months now, not long, only learned a few spells," she replied happily. "It's ever so exciting! But my instructors are so slow with it! I wish they'd hurry up or let me learn at my own pace! They keep telling me to have patience with them, but it's so hard! I want to learn more and go see the world! Adventure is out there and maybe it holds my answers!"

He nodded his head slowly as she continued onward, "I've always understood magical abilities to require a lot of time and patience. Perhaps your trainers are right in that you need to take time to learn your skills."

"Yes, but there's still so many other exciting things I want to learn," she said before taking another sip of her mead. "I'm sure I'll get to learn it soon, but the anticipation is killing me!"

Branmar had preached patience, and somehow, he felt like he was not the first to do so. She seemed to be one of those people who struggled with the concept of such matters. He managed to grin regardless.

"What spells do you wish to learn?" Branmar finally asked of her.

"Oh, I would love to learn all kinds of spells! More healing spells, those that help plants and animals... Oh! I have a natural ability to understand small animals, but there's a spell that can let me speak to any sized animal! And then there's protection spells, and the ability to shape shift, and one that'll let you breathe under water! So many neat spells!"

Branmar nodded his head slowly, "That makes sense," He concluded. "I have zero magical talent at all, or at least as far as I can recall..."

The waitress looked over the dwarf and shrugged at the gnome's taste. "Your meals should be up soon."

Taral nodded politely to the waitress and took a sip. She assumed that a drink called Honey Mead would be sweet and this did not disappoint. She raised her glass towards Shalendra, now her dining companion. "Almien!" she said with a smile, pleased to drink and share her mother tongue with a fellow speaker of Elvish.

Moving back to the kitchen, the waitress left everyone to meet and greet. After all, happy customers meant bigger tips.

Yurtidie smiled and nodded at the waitress, just as excited for food as she was about, well, everything else! She bounced slightly in her seat and smiled to Branmar while she waited for her food. "So what do you do now? Are you a fighter? A mage? Or are you still trying to recall what you did before?"

"...Was an adventurer," Branmar admitted quickly, "And, all of my gear that was with me when I was rescued I've assumed that I was and am a fighter."

"Oh wow! I've never met a fighter before! Oh, I do hope you regain your memories! I would love to hear of your adventures! Maybe I could look into a spell that could help you regain your memories! Or a potion? Hhmmmm..." The Gnome fell oddly silent as she pondered how to get Branmar his memories back.

"The healers said it would just take time and patience," Branmar admitted, "I doubt there is a potion that would help, though I'm not against the idea."

"I shall see what my mentor says! Maybe I can ask the elders too," she nodded to herself, mumbling on about the Druids and such until her food arrived and she began filling her mouth with food rather than words.


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